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How to secure your iPad/iPad 2 at a conference or trade show

ipad security for trade shows and conferences

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Are you responsible for delivering an important conference or trade show for your company? If so, I know you have a thousand things going through your mind to prepare for the big event but please remember to make information security part of the plan. Failing to account for security could be the difference between a successful event and a disaster. Remember to physically secure your ipads, portable electronic devices, and tv/display units because some attendees think more then the pens and stress reducing squeezy balls are fair game as giveaways.

General Information Security tips for trade shows and conferences

  • Mount/lock all electronic assets down to prevent loss or theft. Choosing one of the attractive options below will allow you to have security and an attractive setup
  • Be careful with the equipment while it is transit in your car or van. If you stop to eat or rest make sure someone has their eyes on the equipment at all times. If you are stopping for the night I advise unloading it into your hotel room.
  • Have a trusted person watch your electronic equipment while it is being moved from your car to the trade show (and vice versa). The equipment is most exposed while in transit
  • If you are capturing attendee’s contact information make sure you are treating the collected information as confidential and ensure the appropriate controls are in place. If you are capturing leads with electronic methods physical security controls recommended below should be used. If you are using business cards or other ways to capture leads also secure the box or container that you are using to collect the information.
  • Inquire with the organizers of the event about the security of the location to help ensure the equipment will be secure when you can not have your eyes on it. (likely thieves would target those without the security controls mentioned below so you will be a less attractive target overall)
  • Do not use USB/storage devices of unknown origin on your electronic devices you bring with you. This is a common way an attacker may seek to infect your systems.

iPad Physical Security Options for Trade Shows/Industrial Users

iPads are beautiful devices to show off your products and company’s electronic presence at a conference or trade show. Prospective customers love the latest technology and gravitate to displays that feature high tech displays. iPads and other portable devices should be attractively mounted as part of your display to prevent theft while at the same time retaining the beauty and usefulness of your showcase.

RAM Mounting System for iPad/iPad2 -Mounting device looks a lot like your typical tv bracket and is a top choice for securing an iPad/iPad2 in a semi-permanent  fashion when the device needs to be featured securely in your display. This high security mount/lock will give you the confidence that your device will not be lost or stolen during your next trade show or conference.


Arktis iPad Security Mount Lock. Another option for you to securely feature your ipad or iPad2 device for signature events. The Artkis is a bit more minimalistic then the RAM system listed above but another good option for security on the go.

General Laptop/Desktop Cable locks

Kensington is the most trusted name around for laptop/notebook/desktop cables so I recommend sticking with one of their basic offerings. Two options are either the combination or key lock depending on your preference.

Kensington Key Lock

Kensington Key Lock






Kensington Notebook Combination Lock






Other Trade Show/Conference Security Items

Mobile security mount for TVs/Displays – Top rated mobile security cart should be assembled prior to attending the trade show or conference. You can then roll it in easily and mount your tv unit once you arrive simplifying the process. This mount works for tvs/displays between 32-60 inches.

Rolling Trade show tv security mount








Security mount for TVs/Displays – If you are looking for a way to secure your tv screens/monitors for your exhibits this stand is a good choice for models between 23-42 inches.







Follow these tips to ensure your next conference or trade show is pulled off without an information security hitch.

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