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iPad, iPad 2 and iphone screen privacy – Options to protect your screen and keep busy bodies at bay

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Are you tired of trying constantly repositioning the angle of your ipad, ipad 2 or iphone to prevent busy bodies from seeing what you are doing? Traveling in tight quarters like a car or airplane and don’t want casual snoops eying your activities? If you answered yes to either of these questions you are in the market for screen privacy protection options.

Factors to consider when purchasing screen privacy protection

  • Privacy films help reduce unwanted glare on your device
  • Privacy films/screens will make your screen appear darker. If you prefer a very bright screen your options are more limited and you will have to sacrifice some of the privacy benefits as a result
  • If you read a lot of books you may need to turn your device brightness levels up to compensate for using the privacy screen
  • The thickness and quality of the film used in the product will be a major factor in how private your device will be to those around you.
  • 4way protection is preferred over 2way protection to provide protection at the various possible angles. 4way protection will typically be more expensive to reflect this additional privacy protection.

Note for all the products listed below, I have read through various product reviews and only included products that were noted to be of high quality and free from excessive negative reviews.

Screen privacy options for the iPad 2

GumDrop Drop Series CasesThese top rated cases are well loved and well rated by a large number of consumers. Provides protection against breakage and screen protection so is a nice all in one solution and the top choice to stylishly protect your device. Available in a lot of cool styles including:

KHOMO Privacy 4 Way Screen Protector – Purchaser’s of this protective film noted the ease of installation and the thickness of the film as overall benefits to the product.

3M Privacy Screen Protector for iPad 2 – This device is new so it does not yet have any reviews by 3M is a trusted brand known for making high quality products which makes this a top option.

Privacy Screen Cover for iPad 2 (Brookstone) – Is new so does not yet have reviews but I have always been happy with any Brookstone purchases so have no remorse in including this option on the list.

Screen privacy options for the iPad

3M Privacy Screen Protector – This device is new so it does not yet have any reviews by 3M is a trusted brand known for making high quality products which makes this a top option.

Splash 3 pack screen protector films – This 3 pack is at the very low end of the price spectrum but is well rated and is designed to be a more replaceable version of screen protection.

Screen privacy options for the iPhone

GumDrop Drop Series CasesThese top rated cases are available for the iPhone as well and come in a variety of cool styles.

Phone Devil Screen Protector -Nice well rated option that I believe is a small cut below the GumDrop line.

I will continue to keep this list up to date to reflect user experience on the newer products. I am especially eager to see how the 3M products are received since they are quite new and a leading authority in the space.

Physical Security Options for iPad, iPad2, and other tablets

Physical security for the iPad and iPad 2 is just as important as any technical security configurations that you have implemented for your device. Physical security for the ipad2/ipad comes in a couple flavors as described below.

Physical Security devices for iPad2/iPad

  • Bags and cases that help protect your device from damage (breaks/cracks) if dropped
  • Protective cases to help with minimal water exposure (but not full submersion)
  • Security locks that prevent your device from theft
  • Security mounts that are more permanent and used to secure your device to a fixed location for a period of time.

Home/Office Users – Protective Cases

There are a lot of different options to protect your iPad/iPad2 devices while traveling. These devices are padded to help cushion against a fall but depending how rough you are with it they may not totally protect you. Find the right case for you depending on how prone to the drops you are and your style preferences.

Boxwave Hardshell iPad/iPad2 Briefcase (Black) – Solid traditional case has positive reviews and is a low cost way to get minimize the risk of problems should you drop it on the go.





Protective Zeroshock III Case for iPad 1/2 -Sleek protective case is designed for safety of the device itself so do not expect room to store much else. For the minimalist that is looking to secure their device while it is not in use.





Hard Candy iPad/iPad2 Case -Stylish case with grooves is both highly rated and attractive to carry your iPad/iPad 2 on the go. Available in many different colors so one of the few options that lets you get away from traditional black.





Targus EcoSmart Mini Messenger Case for ipad/ipad2 – Targus is a trusted name in the travel bag industry and this model gives ample extra storage room vs. some of the other options.





Toblino 2 Premium Leather iPad 2 Case -Highest rated leather case for the ipad/ipad2 and it would be my choice to protect my device while in use. Provides snug protection for all four corners to help minimize your risk of significant damage if it drops.





Bear Motion Protective Leather Case for iPad/iPad2 -Leather case is attractive and highly rated by those who have purchased it.





BoxWave iPad2 Armor Case – This is one cool looking case so had to include it from a variety stand point. This one is going to be a hit with iPad/iPad2 device owners.





Case Logic Water Resistant iPad2/iPad Case -Protective case is highly rated to help provide some protection for user around water. Care should still be taken because submerging in water is still not advised.





Home/Small Office Users – Security Locks

iPad Lock & Security Case BundleProvides basic cable lock/case functionality to prevent your device from being easily stolen. Very similar to cable locks available for laptop pcs and used the same way.





On the Road Security for iPad/iPad2

RAM Suction Cup Twist Lock Mount for iPad/iPad2/other Tablets – This device is a convenient way to mount your device on the go for long trips to prevent it from becoming a dangerous projectile if you get into an accident and to prevent theft while you are away.




Options for Trade Shows/Industrial Users

For anyone that uses an iPad device at trade shows or other high traffic events that require many hands touching the device you might want to consider more sturdy mounting brackets. These devices are not practical for casual users unless mobility is not desired, but they are ideal for individuals needing additional security while showcasing their iPad/iPad2s for big events.

RAM Mounting System for iPad/iPad2 -Mounting device looks a lot like a tv bracket and is a top choice for securing an iPad/iPad2 in a semi-permanent  fashion when the device needs to remain in a fixed location.





Arktis iPad Security Mount Lock. This device would not be practical for casual users but is ideal for individuals needing additional security while showcasing their iPad/iPad2s for big events.





Be sure to check out our recommended iPad and iPad 2 screen privacy recommendations

How to remove the Sent from my iPad message from emails

Tired of seeing the Sent from my iPad message when you send email to colleagues or friends? If so here is how you can change that setting to remove the sent from my iPad message.

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature – Remove the signature.

If you are leaving it as a status symbol by all means ignore this tip. ; )

Additional Resource for iPad 2 Security Recommendations

Apple iOS4.2 – What are the security benefits?

Apple released iOS4.2 in late November and it is applicable for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. From a functionality perspective the upgrade provides a lot including the ability to create folders and multitask on the iPad (features previously lacking) plus the AirPlay feature for all three devices that enables streaming of content to the Apple Tv or Airplay enabled features.

These features are intriguing but since this site specializes in information security my primary focus is to discuss the security implications of the iOS4.2 upgrade.

What is the most significant security benefit of iOS4.2?

The Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch application is now available as a free application and this is an important breakthrough because these services typically were subscription only in previous iOS’s via the Mobile Me service. Once the Find My app is installed an owner of one of the devices mentioned above can perform the following security functions:

  • Find the location of a lost device on a map
  • Display a remote message on the device screen (with hope it will be returned to you if found so perhaps offer a reward as incentive)
  • Remotely set a passcode lock so your device and data can not be accessed inappropriately
  • Wipe the device remotely if it is stolen or lost for good and you are not likely to recover it.

These security features are significant and go a long way to help prevent loss of data confidentiality on a loss or stolen device and possibly may even with the recovery of your device itself.

How do you upgrade your iPad or iPhone to iOS4.2?

First back up your data and then connect your iPhone or iPad or Ipod Touch to your computer and load up iTunes and click check for updates. Download and install the upgrade.

How do I activate Find My (iPad/iPhone)?

Here is a nice Apple instruction video showing how to configure your device on Me.Com

* Be sure to set this up right away if you wait until you need the features it will be too late.

What security vulnerabilities are corrected by iOS4.2?

In addition, to the Find My functionality there is a big list of other security vulnerabilities fixed in the iOS upgrade. In scanning the list several of the vulnerabilities mention arbitrary code execution that could lead to a lack of security integrity of the device. If you have not already done so an upgrade to i0S4.2 is highly recommended to close these vulnerabilities and take advantage of the new Find My capabilities. Install it and configure your device on Me.com as soon as possible.

iPad Security – 10 tips to keep your iPad safe

Apple’s iPad has been one of the hottest launches ever and is gaining widespread acceptance for both business and personal use. Security for Apple developed devices is often an after thought to users since the general impression is these devices are immune to the security problems that have plagued Windows based devices. Now that Apple devices have become more popular they have also become more intriguing targets for hackers and malware developers. Now is the time to take action to ensure your iPad is secure so that you can continue to enjoy its rich functionality. Click here if you are here to learn about physical security products for your iPad/iPad 2 (cases/locks/mounts/etc) to prevent theft otherwise read on for our device security setting recommendations.

iPad Security Tips

1. Set up a passcode to help prevent unauthorized use of your iPad. If you do not set a passcode you greatly increase the chances of unauthorized use especially if your device gets lost or is stolen.

Go to General > Passcode lock to set your password and be sure to remember it

2. Set the Auto-Lock feature to automatically lock your iPad after a designated amount of inactivity. You should choose your auto lock time setting based on your normal usage but 30 minutes should work fine for most people.

Go to General > Auto lock choose amount of time (I recommend 30-60 min)

3. Disable Bluetooth if you do not plan to utilize it. If Bluetooth is active it is another potential vulnerability source so if you are not using it shut it off.

Go to General > Bluetooth, turn bluetooth off

4. Install iPad and installed application updates promptly when new updates are available. When hardware or software is updated by a vendor it is often is due to security vulnerabilities so it is best to stay current with these important updates

  • Connect iPad to your computer
  • Select iPad in the iTunes sidebar, then click the Summary tab.
  • Click “Check for Update.” iTunes tells you if there’s a new version of the iPad software available.
  • Click Update to install the latest version of the software.
  • Update all applications: At bottom of the screen, tap updates , then tap update all.

5. Enable fraud warning within Safari browser to enhance security and to get warnings about potentially fraudulent sites.

Change security settings: Choose Safari, then turn fraud warning on

6. Turn Pop Up Blocker On to enhance security and browsing experience (note that this stops only entry/exit induced pop ups not click through pop ups)

Change security settings: Choose Safari, then turn pop up blocker on

7. Backup your important data and and encrypt it within iTunes. You will be glad you have a backup if your device is lost, stolen, or has a significant hardware issue. Reference Apple’s iPad backup support guidance for additional details.

8. Mobileme account functionality is an extra cost but has some useful security features that could help minimize security implications if your device is lost or stolen. These features include:

  • Find my iPad which displays a message on your iPad if it is lost with hopes that a good samaritan will return it to you. Perhaps some type of reward would also be useful in this circumstance.
  • Remote Passcode lock– Allows you to remotely lock your iPad should the need arise.
  • Remote Wipe option – In the event that the worst case scenario occurs and your device is stolen you can minimize the damage by remotely wiping the data from the device that was formerly known as your iPad.

9. Erase data after ten failed pass code attempts – This is an effective control to prevent unlimited brute force password attempts vs. your iPad if it is lost or stolen. Be careful when implementing though since you will lose data you fail on 10 successive passwords so regular backups are a good prevention against potential data loss.

Go to General > Passcode Lock enter your passcode, turn on Erase Data

10. Choose your applications carefully – Make sure you choose applications wisely as 3rd party applications are not extensively validated by Apple and they can introduce new sources of vulnerabilities to your iPad (and additional required patches that need to be installed)

Bonus Tip: Simplify administration – If you are responsible for administering multiple devices you should utilize a configuration profile to simplify configuration of these security settings and other needed settings included VPN or email configuration. It is a more efficient way to effectively manage all of the iPads in your environment

Any other useful iPad security tips that I have neglected?