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Physical Security Options for iPad, iPad2, and other tablets

Physical security for the iPad and iPad 2 is just as important as any technical security configurations that you have implemented for your device. Physical security for the ipad2/ipad comes in a couple flavors as described below.

Physical Security devices for iPad2/iPad

  • Bags and cases that help protect your device from damage (breaks/cracks) if dropped
  • Protective cases to help with minimal water exposure (but not full submersion)
  • Security locks that prevent your device from theft
  • Security mounts that are more permanent and used to secure your device to a fixed location for a period of time.

Home/Office Users – Protective Cases

There are a lot of different options to protect your iPad/iPad2 devices while traveling. These devices are padded to help cushion against a fall but depending how rough you are with it they may not totally protect you. Find the right case for you depending on how prone to the drops you are and your style preferences.

Boxwave Hardshell iPad/iPad2 Briefcase (Black) – Solid traditional case has positive reviews and is a low cost way to get minimize the risk of problems should you drop it on the go.





Protective Zeroshock III Case for iPad 1/2 -Sleek protective case is designed for safety of the device itself so do not expect room to store much else. For the minimalist that is looking to secure their device while it is not in use.





Hard Candy iPad/iPad2 Case -Stylish case with grooves is both highly rated and attractive to carry your iPad/iPad 2 on the go. Available in many different colors so one of the few options that lets you get away from traditional black.





Targus EcoSmart Mini Messenger Case for ipad/ipad2 – Targus is a trusted name in the travel bag industry and this model gives ample extra storage room vs. some of the other options.





Toblino 2 Premium Leather iPad 2 Case -Highest rated leather case for the ipad/ipad2 and it would be my choice to protect my device while in use. Provides snug protection for all four corners to help minimize your risk of significant damage if it drops.





Bear Motion Protective Leather Case for iPad/iPad2 -Leather case is attractive and highly rated by those who have purchased it.





BoxWave iPad2 Armor Case – This is one cool looking case so had to include it from a variety stand point. This one is going to be a hit with iPad/iPad2 device owners.





Case Logic Water Resistant iPad2/iPad Case -Protective case is highly rated to help provide some protection for user around water. Care should still be taken because submerging in water is still not advised.





Home/Small Office Users – Security Locks

iPad Lock & Security Case BundleProvides basic cable lock/case functionality to prevent your device from being easily stolen. Very similar to cable locks available for laptop pcs and used the same way.





On the Road Security for iPad/iPad2

RAM Suction Cup Twist Lock Mount for iPad/iPad2/other Tablets – This device is a convenient way to mount your device on the go for long trips to prevent it from becoming a dangerous projectile if you get into an accident and to prevent theft while you are away.




Options for Trade Shows/Industrial Users

For anyone that uses an iPad device at trade shows or other high traffic events that require many hands touching the device you might want to consider more sturdy mounting brackets. These devices are not practical for casual users unless mobility is not desired, but they are ideal for individuals needing additional security while showcasing their iPad/iPad2s for big events.

RAM Mounting System for iPad/iPad2 -Mounting device looks a lot like a tv bracket and is a top choice for securing an iPad/iPad2 in a semi-permanent  fashion when the device needs to remain in a fixed location.





Arktis iPad Security Mount Lock. This device would not be practical for casual users but is ideal for individuals needing additional security while showcasing their iPad/iPad2s for big events.





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