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Best ipad 2 leather cases

The classic look of leather is a great way to protect your ipad 2 with style. iPad 2 cases are a great way to minimize the chances of your ipad cracking if it suffers an unexpected drop. A case can also offer stability and visibility improvements (if you choose to use the various stand options that many cases have) There are a lot of cool case options for the ipad 2 from metallic looking enclosures that fit with the Apple mystique but if this is not your style choosing leather is a great alternative. An important factor to note is that any case is going to add bulk to your ipad 2 so there is a bit of a trade-off between bulk vs. physical security.

Factors when considering a case for your iPad 2

  • How much bulk does the case add to your ipad?
  • How snug does the case fit to protect all four corners?
  • Quality of the leather the case is made of
  • Personal choice as to attractiveness of design/style
  • Cost

Here is a rundown of the highest rated ipad 2 leather cases that are well reviewed and loved by those that have made the investment to protect their device.

Bear Motion Leather Case with 3-in-1 built in stand – Elegant and conservative this highly rated leather case/stand is noted for its high quality leather and high quality snap magnets. This case is also noted for its high quality stand that greatly helps with reading on the ipad.

Yoobao 3-in-1 Leather case with built in stand – The general consensus is this is an attractive 5 star case that is a top option if you want a leather case. Yoobao is a well respected brand in the ipad case market and their raving fans demonstrate that there is a lot to like about this case.

Toblino 2 Leather Case – Famous for high quality leather and perfect fit around all four corners this ipad 2 case is a high end option for extra protection.

Targus VuScape Cover/Stand – Targus is sort of the workman horse brand of protective cases so their alternatives can always be considered. Others listed above are more attractive but these are functional and get the job done.

Snugg ipad 2 Leather Case with flip stand – Leather has a traditional worn in look to it and the general opinion from the reviews is that it works as advertised at a nice price. Not my top pick but included for the value conscience consumer seeking an affordable case.

For those of you looking for colored leather ipad 2 cases here are some options:

rooCase Premium Leather (red)

Bear Motion Case (brown)

Targus (blue/black)

If you decide to purchase a protective case I think you are making a wise decision. Your chance of having your ipad 2 suffer accidental damage like a screen crack can be significantly reduced by choosing the right case.