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Best information security blogs run by universities

Information security is an important topic for both businesses and individuals. It is nice to see many leading Colleges and Universities stepping up to the information security challenge and launching blogs and using social media tools to help educate students and faculty about the importance of information security. Information security groups at colleges and universities have a challenging job getting the word out and driving information security compliance since students are often prone to engaging in risky online behavior that leads to an increased likelihood of information security incidents.

Best edu information security blogs & social media presence

Indiana University – IU is running a well designed blog that looks like something you would see from a saavy expensively run 3rd party site. The information security news is regularly updated and it appears that IU has a pretty big team working on this effort because many of the posts are by different individuals. Kudos to the team for the excellent work on information security and from a quick scan it appears personal information protection is a big component of the overall awareness effort.

Missouri State Information Security Blog – Charla Berry is doing an excellent job helping keep the Missouri State community aware of information security threats and how they can stay protected. Recent posts feature awareness tips about holiday scams and keeping online financial information secure.

Georgetown Information Security Blog -Nicole Kegler has been a longtime blogger on information security the site’s index is listed back to March 2010. My favorite post is the one warning that Macs are not immune to information security problems since many people make this statement in error. With the ever increasing popularity of Apple devices  you can expect reported information security problems in Apple devices to grow this year.

Rochester Institute of Technology –  RIT has an excellent page for information security education but what really make them stand out is their use of Facebook to spread the information security gospel using social media tools. They have over 5300 Facebook page likes, a lot of  awareness material and discussions going online so be sure to give their page a visit.

Kansas State University -Information Security program is run by Harvard Townsend and the school has an excellent overall online information security presence but they run a blog dedicated to information security threats which I have linked to that talks about common problems like spam, malware, and phishing attempts.

University of Connecticut – Mick DiGrazia has done a nice job with this information security blog that dates back to June 2010. I assume he will be back with a vengeance for the Spring semester.

The Ohio State University – I had to include the “The” since I always hear it on sports name/university roll calls plus it is listed that way on the site. The site contains a nice RSS feed highlighting information security awareness messages that students and faculty should be aware of. In addition, it looks like the institution has embraced encryption tools like PGP for faculty so that is a good sign that the information security program has been able to work effectively and get faculty support.

Stanford School of Medicine Information Security Blog – Site hasn’t had a recent post but previously published excellent awareness reminders around common scams and other pertinent information security information. Hopefully this recognition will help provide incentive to post more updates in the future.

If you run or know of other edu blogs that I should index please send me an email or reply below.