Information Security – Why is it Important?

Viruses, worms, hackers, and cyber thieves Oh My. The electronic universe is loaded with bad guys targeting you, your company, and your data. Computers and the Internet are such an important part of your business that you do not have the option to disengage or ignore the threat and hope it never affects your operations in a negative way so it is important to ensure you understand there are people out there seeking to do you and your business financial harm and then take the necessary preventative measures to minimize your chances of becoming a victim.

In the early days of the internet viruses and worms were primarily nuisances that caused minor annoyance and hackers defaced web sites for “bragging rights”. Those days are gone now and more advanced criminals have focused their attention towards online crime because it is lucrative and minimizes their chances of being caught and imprisoned vs. more traditional criminal enterprises. Businesses that have been victimized often fail to report the crime for fear that the negative publicity will do more reputational harm then the incident itself.

Our mission at is to help build awareness of the threats facing your business and offer practical solutions that can be implemented to help minimize the likelihood that you will become a victim.

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