Information Security Crimes What Is The True Cost?

The true cost of what information security incidents cost businesses and the economy as a whole is impossible to quantify. Information security incidents often go unreported because many victims feel they will be hurt by negative publicity and be further punished. Other victims may never become aware that they have had an incident because they lack the proper security tools to detect the intrusion. A recent report by the Ponemom Institute and reviewed by Panda Security group showed the average cost of malware issues alone costs the average firm in the study millions of dollars a year.

Other notable findings from the study include:

  1. The average company experienced at least 50 successful malware attacks which is due to increasingly advanced malware and lack of comprehensive signature updates.
  2. It takes companies an average of 14 days to neutralize a cyber-attack at an average cost of $17,000 dollars per day. Check out our Top 10 tips on keeping your business secure to lesson your chances of becoming a victim.
  3. Malicious web sites are the most dangerous sources of cyber crime accounting for 90% of the volume of incidents. To lesson your chances of having an issue make sure you practice safe internet browsing and view only trusted sites to lesson your chances of having an issue.

Cyber-crime can affect any type of business as we have highlighted in our Who needs Information Security tidbits.  Stay informed and stay protected!

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