How to fix a security certificate error while browsing the internet

The last week or two the pc only used by the kids had been having problems with a security certificate error when they were trying to browse the internet. The browsing eventually got where it needed to go but only after extra clicks of accepting the risks of going to a potentially bad site and adding an exception in the browser. The problem was happening with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers so I assumed that a virus was causing the problem.

I performed some basic antivirus scans using the free AVG antivirus software installed on the machine as well as Spybot Search and Destroy. Nothing overly incriminating was found by either scan only the expected low/mid risk cookies always found. I was a bit surprised at this result so started looking for some other alternatives of what could be wrong.

After a bit of research I was able to find a documented case that closely matched my situation. The suggested advice was to check the date on my pc because if the machine is dated in the past with an incorrect date this has been known to cause a problem with internet security certificates. Sure enough the machine had been reset to the original date of when it was purchased and the issue went away after the date was corrected.

Quick Summary:

Problem: Common area machine was generating security certificate errors/warnings while browsing the internet with multiple different browsers (firefox, Internet Explorer etc..)

Solution: Check the date on the machine and make sure it is at the current calendar day. The pc had somehow been reset to default settings and was dated back to 2007 which was the source of the problem.

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