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Securing your digital life

It is long overdue time to rejuvenate the site with fresh information security content that will help you protect what is digitally important to you. The answer to what is important to protect is going to be different for each person but some of the things that are most likely to be important to you are:

  • Protecting your online financial information (online banking account & retirement accounts)
  • Protecting your primary email accounts that often control the reset functionality to other important accounts if you forget the passwords.
  • Protecting your social media presence to avoid embarrassment or being used to infect others with malware
  • Protecting your online file storage including documents and pictures that are important to you
  • Protecting information that you consider private while engaging online
  • Protecting your expensive digital devices from theft

All of us have something important to protect and awareness that you are a target is the first step towards taking the needed actions to lower your probability of having problems down the line. Next up will be suggestions on what you need to do to help safeguard your digital life.

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