Android Security Applications – The best free apps in Android market

High quality android security apps are available for free that can help you increase the security of your android device. Android market is the place to go to download or learn more about the apps mentioned in this article.

You might be asking yourself, Do I need more security protection for my Android device?

  • Are you a business user? – If so your device could end up being a pathway into your corporate network and for that reason it requires the same type of endpoint protection as any other device
  • Do you perform online banking or manage other sensitive financial accounts with your android? Online banking increases your potential for financial loss if your credentials are compromised so additional controls are recommended.
  • Do you frequently web surf to many sites of unknown quality?
  • Do you have kids and desire advanced security or child protection features?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or just want to secure your Android with some high quality apps you have come to the right place. Android market has both free and commercial security tools available but for this first review I will pay special attention to the free tools that you need to know about.

List of free Android security apps by category

Anti Virus & Web Surfing Security Apps – Tools that provide additional security from viruses and other web based malware.

Anti-Virus Free by AVG Mobilation

Why you need it?: Has real-time protection capabilities to protect against viruses, malware and spyware. Also identifies unsecure Android device settings and gives tips on how to fix them. Features continue to expand and backup/remote locator functionality are in beta phase.

Antivirus Free by Creative apps

Why you need it: Famous for its battery friendly footprint this free security app is highly rated for its performance and ability to detect malware. Uses the vendors virus signature database which is regularly updated and protects against known Android threats such as DroidDream and Geinimi.






Dr.Web Anti-virus Light

Why you need it: Highly rated app provides malware scanning and quarantines suspicious items that are detected. Some recent comments have complained about performance issues so probably isn’t the top option in the space right now.





Kinetoo Malware Scan

Why you need it: Yet another malware scanner this one has a relatively low install footprint which concerns me but the reviews thus far have been positive. Specifically mentions that it protects against Fakeplayer, Geinimi, PJApps, DroidDream, TapSnake and other spyware.






Mobility Management/Device Locators – Tools that help identify a lost device or simplify the management/cleanup process to minimize the risk when a device is lost or stolen.

Plan B

Why you need it: Advertises itself as the locator to end all locators and the one to use to recover your device if nothing else works. There were generally positive reviews in the app marketplace so it is worth trying as a last resort.





All in One Apps – These apps do a bit of everything so do not fit cleanly in any one of the categories. Useful for someone wanting protection without installing a lot of different applications

Lookout Mobile Security

Why you need it: This is the swiss army knife of Android apps it has security protection, backup/restore capability, and find my phone functionality if you lose your device. The security functionality blocks malware and spyware and is useful for scanning all new apps to make sure they are not a known security risk. The find my phone functionality can be used even if the GPS is turned off or if the phone is on silent



NetQin Antivirus Free

Why you need it: All in one tool kit does malware scanning, remote device location, and backup options. Has a relatively large install base and good ratings in the Android market. Allows remote wiping of your Android device if it is lost or stolen and is unrecoverable.






Password Managers – Tools that help securely manage passwords for the Android device and for the web sites you visit.


Why you need it: Android version of award winning password management program. Even though this program is still technically in beta it is highly rated and a trusted name in password management.






OI Safe

Why you need it: Secure password management option that uses AES encryption algorithm.






Kepper Password & Data Vault

Why you need it: Another password management option this one is freely available but expect to get a lot of incentive to upgrade to the paid version. I’d probably use a different app unless I was ok paying for the full version.







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